The Snuggle Snob

Emmett loves to snuggle. But he is a snob about it. We always knew that he loved soft blankets, but now we know how much he does! The other night Dallin was trying to put him to sleep with a regular blanket and he screamed and cried until Dallin grabbed a soft one. Then he was instantly out. If you want him to snuggle with you, all you have to do is throw a soft blanket over your shoulder and you are set! He will find you and snuggle.


If there is a soft blanket in the middle of the floor, this is what happens.


He buries his little head in it by doing downward dog for a moment,


Then he just lays down and snuggles with the blanket. This one is his favorite in the house. Just today I caught him crawling toward it while laughing, then he continued to laugh as he buried his face in the lusciousness.


  1. That is adorable! How sweet to have a cute little snuggle baby, I just love that.


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