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Today Benton and I were watching the movie Rio together while enjoying some popcorn. When they landed in Rio I mentioned to him that I had been there. He looked at me and said, "On a cliff?" I guess I must have said it while it showed a cliff or something. I told him that I had been to Rio and it showed a few places in Rio that I had been to so I told him that. He was curious. He asked how I got there and I told him an airplane, just like the people in the movie. He paused for a minute and then turned to me and excitedly said, "I want to go to Dora!!" 

I had to explain to him that Rio is a real place and that I hadn't been in the movie. And that unfortunately there isn't a Dora the Explorer place. We laughed. Taking him to Disneyland one day will be amazing though!


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