A Friday at the Beach

We love it when family comes to town, especially when we get to go to the beach together! We had hoped it would be a nice day, but we weren't expecting it to be that nice. It was 65 degrees in February! Emmett and Benton could live at the beach, they love it so much. 

 photo 2014-02-28145422_zps9ee7e136.jpg

I asked Benton how much he loved playing at the beach, he stretched out his arms and said, "this much!"

 photo 2014-02-28155934_zpsf9e6c0f6.jpg

Adalyn enjoyed it too. She did great being out and about all day.

 photo 2014-02-28151810_zpsee698d7a.jpg

 photo 2014-02-28151044_zps662b664d.jpg

I think we are all looking forward to more sunny days at the beach.


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