A Name and a Blessing

Our sweet little baby was given a Name and a Blessing at church on Sunday. It was wonderful to have Dallin's family here for it, we love that they came. Most of my family was there too so she was surrounded by people that love her.
 photo IMG_8114_zpsc5bf0d8a.jpg

We sat down to try and get a family photo and this is what Emmett did... silly kid.

 photo IMG_8102_zps899b86df.jpg

 photo IMG_8120_zps4156bb3a.jpg

This dress was my Grandfather Torkelson's Christening dress 95 years ago. I was so happy when I found it and knew it would be perfect for her special day. I love that she was able to wear something that has a history, it makes it a little more special.

 photo IMG_8123_zps7e9038d0.jpg

 photo IMG_8130_zpsd96907e8.jpg

 photo IMG_8145_zps1ad0ef87.jpg

Adalyn Ann, we love you so!


  1. Congratulations! Blessing day is the best. It's so great having a worthy priesthood holder in the home to bless your babies ;)


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