A photo for Christmas?

This year we decided to open all the gifts from friends and family on Christmas eve night. Dallin has been begging me to do it since we got married. I prefer to have the big surprise in  the morning. After 6 Christmas's together I finally gave in and we let the kids open gifts after dinner. The only stipulation was that we take one photo. We didn't even call it a stipulation until they were being so crazy! After 50 photos, this was the best we got.

 photo IMG_2308_zps807b4a85.jpg

Most of the looked like this.

 photo IMG_2249_zpsaeb65c1d.jpg

Or this,

 photo IMG_2260_zps94574f8c.jpg

And then this happened.

 photo IMG_2262_zps18fb4426.jpg

It was all downhill from there.

 photo IMG_2288_zpsfc43ea1b.jpg

How did your kids do taking pictures on Christmas Eve or Christmas? I'm thinking we all might be in the same boat here.


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