Gifts of Christmas Eve

As mentioned in the previous post we let the kids open everything from family and friends tonight. In our family we draw names and give a small gift. Plus everyone gets socks and the kids get pj's. Everything else is from Santa. Everything. So they are still opening more gifts on Christmas morning. Here are a few pictures of our first (and last) Christmas Eve gift opening extravaganza.

Emmett got Adalyn a baby doll. She loved it.

 photo IMG_2320_zps14204b87.jpg

She carries this little baby around everywhere. It is adorable.

 photo IMG_2339_zpsc57d1abe.jpg

We opened presents for about an hour, and played even longer. They loved it.

 photo IMG_2332_zpsa916cbe4.jpg

It was fun. It was also the last year we will do it! At least until they are older. It was just too much to have to go to sleep shortly after. They loved their gifts, they smiled, and they are excited for the morning. So are we!


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