A few months ago we had quite the wind storm blow through. No, it wasn't super crazy but it did blow down a section of our fence. We had a couple of friends have a tree in their yard blow over, and one of them landed on their house! Luckily it only hit the corner of the house and it wasn't too bad. Anyway, back to our fence. We knew that our fence was nearing it's end and this storm was the last straw. A few of the other posts were about to go so Dallin decided to put in a new one. It took a while to contact the couple that own the house next door, but once we did Dallin got right to work!

Benton loved working on the fence with him. He helped pour the water to make the cement for the posts, made sure the posts were level, handed Dallin nails, and of course was awesome company. I love that Benton still loves to work with his Dad.

While taking the old posts out, there were a couple that were more difficult. Marcos came over to help him with those ones. The beast of a post, it had loads of cement, was just not budging. Until it did, then immediately filled with water. Ahh! When they poured the cement in for the post how ever many years ago it connected to our main water line. When they ripped the post out, it busted open. Luckily Dallin is Mr. Awesome Handyman and was able to fix it with Marcos really quickly. Oh and somewhere along the way our internet was cut too.

With some more work, and then a little bit more, Dallin finished the fence! He did such a great job. It looks amazing!

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