Terms of Endearment

Something has happened...

Ever since Benton arrived I have noticed that I have no control over the names that I call him

Sometimes I even surprise myself

Of course I have called him the usual Baby, Cutie, Sweetness, ect

But then, out of the blue pops out of my mouth things like Cuticus (really?)

And when he toots, tooticus

I have walked in on Dallin calling him cutie cuterson...

I don't know what has happened to us, but we can't be held responsible. I just wonder what we will come up with next

Here is a cute one of the little man


Doesn't he look adorable in that little chaps outfit? I love it! Oh and p.s. he has almost outgrown the Newborn size clothes... he lasted longer than I thought he would!


  1. Oh Christy—He's BEAUTIFUL. You must be so happy. What a wonderful head of hair. I hope you are feeling ok and taking it easy.

    We call Tristan Ditty (not sure why) more than anything else. I'm always worried he will be confused.

    Sizes are crazy. We are in 9 months and he is only 5 months.

  2. That is so funny. I did (do) the same thing with Ava! i used to call her 'blank' Pants-Magoo..."Poopy Pants-Magoo", "Onery Pants-Magoo", etc. That got shortened to Magoo. But I call her all kinds of things! Funny how that happens!!


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