9 Months

This is such a fun age, I have been enjoying the time that we spend together playing with toys and reading some books.

We went to the Doctor and found out that he now weighs 21.5 pounds and is in the 70th percentile. He is also 29 1/2 inches tall putting him in the 90th percentile.

This month he learned how to say mama, and actually know what it meant! That made my day.

He continues to walk along furniture and will walk a little if you hold his hands but it looks like it will be at least another month before he starts walking on his own, which I am totally ok with!

Another thing he learned how to do this month is clap his hands

He loves to dance, play the piano and sing.

We had a lot of fun shopping for Christmas presents this past month, it seems like we did that a lot!

Benton is such a blessing and we love having him as our son.


  1. That's so exciting when your baby calls you mama for the first time! I love your stockings you picked out.


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