More Christmas Traditions

I finally made up my mind, and feel good about my decision, when it comes to stockings. I picked the design and have already started making them! I hope to have them finished within the next few days (and definitely before next Saturday...) so I will show you them when their finished. And we also decided to go with the same stockings every year, just in case you were wondering.

Picture is from this blog

Now on to other traditions. I am really looking forward to creating our own ones this year. Here are a couple that I know we would like to have

Reindeer droppings. My family did this growing up. On Christmas morning we would open our door to find candy on the floor. The candy trailed from the fire place to the bedrooms and the tree. We would gather up all the candy and put them in a special candy dish. What kid wouldn't love this? Wake up int he morning to find candy that leads them to presents?!

Everyone gets socks for Christmas, is that weird? I just like new socks and you always seem to need new ones so might as well get some fun ones for Christmas. And probably pjs too.

And one more, this one is from Dallin's family. We are going to open gifts from family and friends on Christmas Eve and only the ones from Santa on Christmas. (Pretty much everything we give Benton besides the socks and pjs will be from Santa)

What are some that you do with your family?


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