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Ever since I had Benton it has been more difficult to do some things, one of them being go any where without forgetting something. Luckily I usually have diapers (somewhere at least) and the essentials, but I feel like whenever we go on vacation I forget items. For example, in June when we were coming back from Utah I left my wallet down in Ephraim while I was heading to the airport. My in-laws were so awesome to make the over two hour drive up to met me so I could have my license to board (which ended up not happening due to traffic and I learned that you don't have to have I.D. to board your flight). Or when we were flying down to Utah and I forgot Benton's birth certificate... yeah luckily I have his shot record in my wallet which works as I.D.

Where am I getting with this? Well while we were in Utah I left my camera USB, which made it a lot harder to get photos onto my computer, and also to blog. But today I got it back (along with an insane amount of Christmas presents-Thanks!). Now I can show you how Benton is getting older and doing more things (I know, I realize that is hasn't been that long but fair warning this will be a long post of pictures).

So without further ado, here is Benton as of late.

Standing up like such a big boy, he pulls himself up on everything these days

And loves to walk along furniture. He started that when we were in Utah last month

Jingle Bells!

Our friend Norah came over to play for a little while, Benton loves it when other kids come over to play

Earlier today we went to the mall with my nephews and they tried out this hurricane simulator, winds inside this tube get up to almost 80 MPH, they liked it!

Benton loved the box that the gifts (and USB) came in, Merry early Christmas Benton!

Cutie. We went to the Dr. yesterday and found out that the red rash on his face is indeed eczema. I am very sad about this but am happy that it is mild (so the Dr says) and is only on his face. We have a couple of things to try to improve it but until then we have been calling him our little Rudolph...sad I know.

Tonight we had some friends in town and we got to meet their little one! His newest little friend Sadie is so cute! Benton kept crawling over to see her, unfortunately he wanted to touch her face and we haven't learned how to be soft yet... so we kept our distance.

Well there is the update. Now I can blog before I have this many pictures to post, yay!

P.S. Are you ready to see my stockings? They are almost done!


  1. Christy, Benton is getting so big, and he is just as adorable as ever. What a joy! Love seeing the pictures of him. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    P.S. I can't wait to see your stockings. :)


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