Christmas Traditions

This will be our first Christmas as a family of three and we will be celebrating at home this year. You know what that means... we need our own Christmas stockings.

Growing up I always had the same knit stocking (that my grandma made??? Dad, is that right?). My whole family had knit stockings with our names on the top. I loved mine. Every year when we would pull out the Christmas bins we would search to find our stockings so we could hang them up on the mantle. (But as of two or three years ago they are no where to be found, kind of sad really)

Dallin also had the same stocking growing up. His mother made their whole family's. They are all beautifully embroidered with different Christmas designs. He loved his too.

Where am I getting with this? Well I have a dilemma. I really want stockings, but I can't decide what to do. I was thinking about making (or buying, but probably making) new stockings every couple of years. Then they would always match the Christmas decorations that year. But at the same time I loved having the same stocking every year, and who really cares if the stockings match the decorations perfectly right? They are all Christmasy. However if we have the same stockings every year I want them to be special, and thought about, not just put together a week or two before Christmas.

Does any one else have this problem? Seriously I have it for my whole house, I am afraid of buying anything because I have decided exactly what I want it to look like and what if when I do decided the items purchased won't match. I really hope I am not alone here... but I could be. Anyway back to the stockings...

Here is my question to you, Did you have the same stocking every year? Did you like that? Do you think that anyone would really care about having different ones every couple years?

And just for some eye candy, here are some of the stockings I am thinking about making

Which ones do you like best? And what do yours look like?


  1. I am definitely in the same boat. My mom made our stockings. They were personalized and made from the heart. Every time we had a new addition (and we ended up with ten new additions) my mom got out the sewing machine and did some fabric shopping with the little one in mind. I LOVED having my very own stocking every year as a kid. Nic, on the other hand, never had a consistent stocking. The idea excites him. So now I am in pursuit of which one to make. Since Christmas is so close and I lack both skills to make one and the time to learn, it's going to be a ongoing project for next year. This year will be makeshift.

    Long story short: I vote for the same stocking every year. It was something that I looked forward to every year!

  2. We also did the same stockings every year. They were knit by my Aunt and she has continued the tradition and made one for Trent and the kids. I vote for making personalized ones in a way that you can duplicate as your family grows. Also it sounds like that's what both you and Dallin had so you might like continuing that tradition more than you know. Whatever decision you make though, feel good about it.


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