An Apostle

Last Sunday we had the special blessing of having an apostle, Russell M. Nelson, come to our Stake and speak. I wanted to take a moment to document this. We spent some time talking to Benton about how special it was. We showed up about an hour early and we were 1/3 of the way back in the gym, we weren't the only ones excited to see him. In an effort to keep Benton happy and seated while he was speaking we took him outside until church started. When it did, Benton did great. He stayed in our row the whole time!

When Elder Nelson started speaking he asked all the primary children to stand up and sing I am a Child of God to him. It was so sweet. Benton happily sang along the words that he knew. It was precious. He then gave a really great talk about teaching your children. We walked away with inspiration to be better parents to these two cute little boys.



  1. It was an awesome day! Glad the kids cooperated, and I loved when the kids sang I am a Child of God too. It made me cry.

  2. This is the sweetest gushingly adorable pictures of the Wheeler boys. What a neat experience for Benton and the whole family!


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