Words from Benton

I think it is time to begin a new series called Words from Benton. He is starting to say and do some pretty hilarious and clever things. They need to be documented. To start us off, here is something Benton did today.

I have been painting some furniture for the past few weeks and Benton has been interested. This morning I was touching up a few spots and he asked to share. I told him we would buy him some watercolors and he could paint after his nap. Lately I have found he falls asleep quicker if there is something exciting waiting him when he waked up.

We bought some water colors at the store this morning and I put them away. Benton played for a while with the baby and some toys. Around 11 Benton came walking in the kitchen and asked to go night night. I knew it was way too early for his nap but sometimes he liked to just lay down for 5 minutes. A minute later he came out and said, "watercolors now." haha! What a clever boy! He figured out how to cheat the system.


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