A Week Without Dad

Germany. That's where he went. Dallin went to Germany for a week for work. I was really excited for him to have the opportunity to go, and only a tiny bit nervous about him being gone for 9 days. To make the long absence pass a little quicker we decided to go visit my brother and his family. Saturday morning we headed out bright and early to take Dallin to the airport. Then the kids and I just kept driving on to Kennewick. My brother moved there last summer and we finally made the short 4 hour drive to see him. I also have a friend that lives in Pasco, about 15 minutes away. We ended up bouncing back and forth between the two and visited with each family a lot. We spent most of Saturday and Sunday with my brother and his family. I am so glad that they live so much closer now. Benton and Emmett loved playing outside with them doing some yard work and riding scooters.

 photo IMG_4239_zpsacc57e12.jpg
Please excuse the dire need of a haircut

Emmett thought their rocks needed shining. I told him they liked them dirty but he insisted.

 photo IMG_4221_zps7bd24f83.jpg

Blaise convinced Benton that his name was cool guy.

 photo IMG_4248_zps162126db.jpg

Xandi and Blaise played tag with him, and he couldn't have been happier!

 photo IMG_4253_zpsfbeeda30.jpg

Sweet little Avery has the patience of an angel. She played SO nicely with both kids. Needless to say they both loved playing with their cousins.

 photo IMG_4257_zps3c270a9c.jpg

On Sunday afternoon we headed over to my friend Keri's house. She had 3 brand new little puppies at her house. They were so adorable! Benton asked to hold them all the time.

 photo IMG_1091_zpse8e69b65.jpg

Emmett is so funny around animals. He gets so excited and can't contain himself. He bursts with laughter and flings himself close to them. Then he tries to kiss them. He is going to be our little animal lover I can tell.

 photo IMG_1093_zps9f08c129.jpg

We had such a great time visiting family and friends. I think we will be heading out there again this summer, this time with Daddy!


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