Emmett's First Hair Cut

Have you noticed I haven't been around for a while? Well, we've been a bit busy around here this month. But finally things have slowed down and I can update the blog a bit. Here comes a bunch of posts! Let's start with Emmett's first hair cut. I believe I have trimmed a hair or two here and there but nothing overall. Also, you didn't know he has enough hair to cut? Well, let me show you the hair he did have. Please excuse the giant scratch on his face, stinking fingernails.

 photo IMG_4208_zpsda308dd8.jpg

Not much right? But enough in random places that it was started to look a little goofy. This picture I obviously did on purpose to show you he had hair, it's not like we went to the supermarket like this! With a little snip here and a little cut there we now have a handsome little boy again.

 photo IMG_4218_zpsd48ea7f2.jpg

Most people probably wouldn't notice, in fact I was surprised that I could tell a difference. But I could, and boy does he look cute!


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