My friend Julie has a daughter that is getting married this spring. I used to visit teach her daughter before she went off to college. She is one sweet girl! I am so excited for her to get married to such a great guy. Julie asked me to help her make some aprons for the ladies that will help serve the food. I was so excited to help and have the opportunity to learn something new. I've never made an apron before so it was a nice challenge. I made a mock one with some fabric I would never use. I was really glad I did because I learned a lot, what to do and more importantly what not to do! Julie came over a couple times to help me make them. It was so fun to chat while sewing. We finished them about two weeks ago so here is the end result.

 photo IMG_4347_zpsb4952046.jpg

Her wedding colors are navy blue, coral and yellow. I bet you couldn't tell that huh?

 photo IMG_4344_zps6dce4223.jpg

I can't wait to see them at the wedding.


  1. These are soooo adorable! Holy cow! You are such a cute crafty lady!

  2. CUTE!!! I love how you are always involved with some kind of project, Christy. It's so inspiring to me!


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