Finishing up our Week

We tried really hard to keep our week without Dallin busy, and it worked! We were up to something new every day. We had lots of play dates, outings, and we finished up the week starting to work on wedding stuff. More to come on the wedding later. Here are the last few photos from our daddy-less week.

Emmett had fun exploring our little pantry.

 photo IMG_4360_zpse558d185.jpg

Benton and Emmett enjoyed some saber fights.

 photo IMG_4363_zps8fa942f3.jpg

Benton helped Emmett learn how to walk. It was actually really awesome. Not only did Emmett love it because he got to walk but I think Benton really loved it too. He finally found something that he can do with Emmett that makes both of them happy. I can see the turning point coming soon when they can start playing together. At least I hope.

 photo IMG_4378_zps31121760.jpg

We also enjoyed a swim play date with my friend Jenny and her baby Julie. My kids love the water! They are instantly happy as soon as they get in and are content to play there all day if they could.

 photo IMG_1104_zps83dd37c0.jpg

It was Julie's first time swimming, and after a few minutes of getting used to it I think she really liked it too!

 photo IMG_1105_zpsb5116835.jpg

Benton is great at swimming with his vest on. He goes around the whole pool without help. I think swimming lessons are going to happen soon so he can learn how to swim without the vest too!

We really missed Dallin and were so glad to have him back. But we did find a way to have some fun even though he wasn't with us. Maybe if I ask nicely he will post a blog about his trip... or maybe it will just be me posting some of his pictures.


  1. That's great that Benton is helping Emmett to walk - what a perfect thing for them to do together! I love Emmett's sweet Christy-like face in the pool. He's just so adorable!


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