Wedding Preview

I mentioned in a previous post that I helped with a wedding. It was last weekend and it was so fun! Janessa, the bride, asked me to do her flowers. I've know Janessa since she was 8 so I was honored and so excited to help. Wow, that just made me feel old. Anyway as we started talking about flowers we just didn't stop. We starting talking about signs, burlap, lace, runners, tin cans, favors, and well more flowers. It was a lot of work, and I loved every minute of it! Here are a few pictures of the day before the wedding. My garage looked prettier than ever!

 photo IMG_4412_zpsfbf91ac8.jpg

Check out all those flowers. We are talking 25  five gallon buckets filled with flowers. There were more flowers than I knew what to do with.

 photo IMG_4413_zpsf51ce57f.jpg

Jennalise, the bride's sister, came over to help me for an hour to finish the little baby's breath pomanders. Those things take forever! But they were so cute.

 photo IMG_4414_zpsfcd7b841.jpg

Some of the arrangements ready to go.

 photo IMG_4415_zpsa2b01f28.jpg

And a couple more boxed up.

 photo IMG_4416_zps5645892e.jpg

Do you like my pomander stands? I had almost finished one and realized that I had to hang it on something to complete the bottom. Cue Benton's scooter and the garden claw.

 photo IMG_4417_zpsd3bf8b9c.jpg

And of course the tricycle.

 photo IMG_4418_zpsd537f747.jpg

More coming soon...


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