We found out a month ago that our baby is a girl! We are so excited. Well to be completely honest we had an ultrasound back at 13 weeks and they guessed that it was a girl. She said that she was right 80% of the time, but that we shouldn't go get a tattoo or anything. So we decided not to say anything until we had our 20 week confirmation. For those 7 weeks I thought it was a girl, and planned on it being a girl but I didn't buy anything. I would have been very surprised if it was a boy, but definitely not disappointed.

Then came the day that we found out that it was a girl, and that she was perfectly healthy, and we were so happy. It was a really busy week so I wasn't able to go buy my first little baby girl outfit. Obviously I have been really excited about the day that I could buy pink things. Finally I went shopping and wow was I in for it! I thought I would go crazy but I did the opposite, I couldn't buy anything! I literally went to 5 or more different stores on a few different days and couldn't find anything. I think I was over whelmed. I had just bought some clothes for my boys and they are easy peasy. Jeans, t-shirts, and church clothes. That is all they need. Now girls, there's leggings, dresses, tights, headbands, clips, bows, leg warmers, the list goes on and on! I don't know how to dress a girl. And I really can't do super cheesy. I felt like everywhere I was looking there were cheesy kitty's and cheesy hearts... I just can't do that. Maybe one day, but not right now. I seriously prefer airplanes, trucks, and monsters. They are much less cheesy.

So I turned to my best friend Jenny. She has a baby girl, who is now over a year old (!), and has experience in all things girly for babies. We met up at the Woodburn Outlets on Saturday night. No kids, no hubby's, just us. Don't get me wrong kids and hubby's are great but a girls night every once in a while is needed. Neither of us had been shopping with a friend, only with a friend in over 18 months. It was time. And boy did we shop! We started at Carter's and got a few things, then every store after that got better and better. It was great to get some things for this baby girl, and they are so cute! I can handle foxes.

 photo 2013-09-21212341_zps7d8e50c2.jpg

I have decided that dressing a little girl is going to be really, really fun :) Also Emmett found this hat that fit him when he was 6 months old. He decided to wear it. Cute little boy.

 photo 2013-09-24123559_zps86befd38.jpg


  1. I really like the baby girl clothes you picked out. I told Wes when I saw them on facebook that they made me want another girl, he just gave me an eye roll. :)


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