Benton 3.5

There isn't a post about Benton when he turned 3, I wasn't blogging much at that time. I still feel a little bad about that, but I will partly make up for it by writing about him at 3 1/2. He is quite the little boy. He is so much fun and is growing and learning so much. He is in the middle of the million questions a day phase. For the most part I think it is great. I get to teach him about lots of different things that I wouldn't think about telling him like explaining how power lines work, why the leaves fall off the trees, and so forth. I am not so fond of the unanswerable questions though. The ones that go like this, "Where is that truck going?" "I don't know." "You HAVE to know!" "Okay, maybe he is going home." "No, probably he is going to work." Well if you knew in the first place why did you ask?! Those are the fun ones.

 photo IMG_6231_zps9d09f737.jpg

This is Benton's favorite shirt at the moment. He also loves his red comfy pants, and his dinosaur pajamas. It took a couple days to convince him that if these clothes are not hanging up or in his drawer then they are dirty and he can't wear them. Otherwise he would wear them everyday. He also loves his "fire boots" and wears them a lot. He likes to have Emmett match him anytime he can. But Emmett isn't as fond of his fire boots so that makes him a little sad. He would prefer they matched something every day I think. Whether it be matching pj's, socks, pants, shirts, anything. They only have a couple matching things so it doesn't happen as often as he would like. Emmett could care less.

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He is doing great at Preschool and learning more letters and numbers. His writing has improved a lot, the other day he even wrote "Oma". Next we will work on his name. He knows his shapes and colors really well and likes to point out what shapes different things are made of.

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He loves all things rescue. He loves Rescue Bots, Paw Patrol (a show about puppies that help people), firemen, police, anything that has to do with rescuing or helping people. I wouldn't mind if that sticks around for a while.

 photo IMG_6234_zpsb8028f11.jpg

These pictures are faces that he makes all the time while explaining something. I bet in 15 years I will look at these and they will bring back a ton of memories. I'm sure glad he felt the need to explain something to me during our mini "I hope I can get one good photo" photo shoot.

 photo IMG_6236_zpsd51de0f7.jpg 

He is a very sweet boy, but is wild and crazy too! He gets really excited, and sometimes doesn't know how to contain himself. We have tried to work on not getting too worked up and he has done pretty well. But he loves to wrestle dad, play ALL over the park, jump, climb, and just play. He uses his imagination more now, creating play rescues and lassoing stuff.

 photo IMG_6233_zpse76a2286.jpg

Benton likes having friends now, and talks about them a lot. His friend is out of town at the moment so he spent 20 minutes this morning "calling" him on the phone and talking to him about how he was done being out of town and should be coming back soon. It was pretty cute. When he pretends he is on the phone he throws in some fake laughs and everything, I love it.

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Benton is also excited to have a baby sister. He talks about her sometimes and how he is going to help me by bringing me diapers. I am looking forward to seeing how our family will change with a new little baby.

 photo IMG_6240_zpsa6444672.jpg

My Benton is getting bigger all the time. Sometimes I just look at him and think, "how have you grown so much?!" I know it will only get worse as he get older. It is amazing to watch their little bodies get bigger and their personalities develop. This is a fun journey we are on.


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