Lincoln City Kite Festival

This morning we hopped in the van and made our way down to Lincoln City. Benton watched a kid show that had kites on it and for a few days has been talking about flying a kite. I heard about the kite festival that happens twice a year and have wanted to go but the weekend never works out. Somehow this weekend it did. It is also General Conference weekend and loading up the kids in the car and driving for the 2 hour morning session was the best thing we could have done! The kids did great, they were quite, looked at books, played with a toy or two and we were able to listen to conference. I was impressed!

We haven't been to the beach since our week long stay back in May. The weather was amazing! I think we all got a little sunburned even. The only problem was that there was no wind... that's not good for a kite festival.

 photo IMG_5961_zps40b021ef.jpg

But check out those kites! Impressive right? Maybe next time we go they will actually be able to fly. But we weren't complaining! The weather was perfect for playing in the water.

 photo IMG_5837_zps4e7ed078.jpg

 photo IMG_5863_zps94ada0fa.jpg

And for digging in the sand.

 photo IMG_5936_zpsfb5fcd35.jpg

And even falling in the water.

 photo IMG_5899_zps683ef588.jpg

 photo IMG_5896_zpse3e2f224.jpg

 photo IMG_5951_zps07d6f8e7.jpg

We had tons of fun playing on the beach for a couple hours. It was a very quick trip but was worth it to listen to conference in peace AND play at the beach. But we are going to have to find another place to fly Benton's kite.

 photo IMG_5957_zps9ecee770.jpg

Here is my 25 week pregnancy shot, I think this is the first picture of me pregnant this time around. And it might be the last.


  1. you look gorgeous! I do feel you though, I never like taking pregnancy pictures of myself either. :)

  2. I think that it's a cute pregnancy shot and definitely shouldn't be your last. I like to show my kids (when they're older) how big they made my belly get...hopefully they can learn to appreciate you more then?


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