Dora and Diego

Remember how Benton wanted to go to "Dora"? Well turns out the Children's Museum has a Dora and Diego exhibit right now. Once I found that out, I knew we had to go. Benton and Emmett had a great time on Dora's boat, working in Diego's rescue hospital, and going into space on Dora's spaceship.

 photo 2013-10-09105314_zps449e49fd.jpg

No one wanted to pose with Diego...

 photo 2013-10-09110831_zpsa4328286.jpg

Future veterinarian?

 photo 2013-10-09105846_zpsa1374abd.jpg

It was great to have so many fun things to do today. They went from the dig pit, to the store, to the water are. Today was fun.


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