Lake View Farm

For the past two years we have gone to the same farm but we decided to switch it up this year. My sister asked me to take a few family pictures at the pumpkin farm they normally go to so we decided to make it a fun afternoon for our kids too. This farm has it definitely figured out! They have a train ride out to the pumpkin patch and a boat ride back, or vice versa. We had a great time... well after we had a cranky start.

 photo IMG_5988_zpseb991b2a.jpg

He obviously wasn't too excited about sitting to have his picture taken. I think he could see Benton getting on the caterpillar ride without him. But he didn't need to worry, we got him there before they left.

 photo IMG_6012_zpsd5bce121.jpg

 They started off excited, and somehow Emmett got turned around and sat backwards most of the way. I'm pretty sure they both loved it, but they both also liked to be finished. Benton said it was too bumpy, but that smile says differently.

 photo IMG_6018_zps2c7f5e4f.jpg

Our little kiddos are getting bigger! Check out how tall they are.

We went out to the field to pick out our pumpkin and take a few family pictures. Wait, there is an extra kid in there! Emmett made himself comfortable. 

 photo IMG_6153_zps24e74ba4.jpg

We took some goofy pictures and we got some good ones.

 photo IMG_6155_zpsc80294a0.jpg

It was so nice of the to have wheel barrows everywhere to haul those pumpkins around. Emmett figured out how to push one too. The handles were a little to much for him so he just got up there and pushed it. He's a thinker!

 photo IMG_6143_zps918850e8.jpg

Benton and I went out to pick his pumpkin, he kept looking for a "Benton one". I wasn't sure what that meant but this is the one he picked. I was afraid it was going to be huge and I wouldn't be able to carry it! Good thing our kids still pick out small ones :) Tonya has the rule for her kids that they have to be able to carry the one they pick. I think I like that.

 photo IMG_6182_zps7ee78f3e.jpg

We tried to get a shot of the boys on pumpkins, you know a cute almost cheesy one. But it didn't work so well. I did get these though.

 photo IMG_6184_zpsd98dd041.jpg

 photo IMG_6192_zps467abb81.jpg

Dallin was trying to get them to look the same direction AND smile, which is a huge obstacle and anyone with more than one kid knows that, which resulted in playing head, shoulders, knees, and toes.

 photo IMG_6194_zps7a100b79.jpg

We had a great afternoon and found a new farm for us to enjoy for the next few years.


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