Grandma visits

Grandma Wheeler flew in on Friday to come meet Adalyn and help out with the boys while we adjust to our new life with a 3rd baby. Everyone was so excited! The boys especially loved having her here. They played lots of games, played with toys, played on the iPads, and just enjoyed her company. Dallin asked Benton what he liked about Grandma visiting and he said, "All the games". He then asked what his favorite one was and Benton replied, "Obstacles". They played tag a lot and Grandma introduced placing obstacles in the way to make it harder to get to, like closing the door or moving a chair. It revolutionized the game for Benton, you should hear his giddy laugh when he plays tag and places obstacles in your way.

 photo IMG_7243_zps684e3cd4.jpg

Emmett was so excited to show me this old cell phone that I thought I would share it with you.

 photo IMG_7236_zps883466a2.jpg

Grandma helped so much while she was here, she helped me with cleaning, making meals, and even took Adalyn in the night so I could sleep. She went home last night and Dallin went back to work this afternoon so my life with three kids starts now. So far we are good, but two of the three kids are asleep so how hard can it be? I'll let you know... 

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Grandma Wheeler made this little skirt so we did a mini photo shoot to catch the cuteness. Let's face it, we have several mini photo shoots a day. More pictures to come. We even caught some with the boys this morning!

 photo IMG_7149_zpsd36f4532.jpg


  1. She's sure cute. Glad she's being an awesome baby for you!


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