Take my Picture

Yesterday I laid Adalyn down to take a picture or two of her when Emmett walked in the room. This is a photo story of what happened next.

I snapped a photo of Adalyn and then I heard Emmett saying, "Me, me, me."

 photo IMG_7308_zps4ccd7e02.jpg

Emmett wanted me to take his picture and when I did he was very happy about it.

 photo IMG_7322_zps5ae5e8a6.jpg

I finished getting Adalyn dressed and took another of her. I heard complaining again and peeked over at Emmett.

 photo IMG_7327_zps904f4b83.jpg

This is what I saw. He was not happy that I took another one of Adalyn. He just wanted me to take pictures of him.

 photo IMG_7328_zpscde3dafd.jpg

Two seconds later Benton runs in, stands right in from of Emmett, and says "Take my picture! Only my picture!"

 photo IMG_7332_zps60312566.jpg

I could see where this was heading and suggested to them that we instead take pictures of the both of them with Adalyn. They happily agreed.

 photo IMG_7340_zps727261c6.jpg

It is so sweet to see them with her. They just love her. They are soft and gentle and get very lovey around her.

 photo IMG_7341_zpsfab6fba1.jpg

I love Adalyn's face when Emmett is giving her a kiss!

 photo IMG_7353_zps32632d4c.jpg


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