My Little

Benton often calls Adalyn "my little". It is just about the cutest thing ever. The other day I saw him sitting close to her and asking her if she likes to be so little.

 photo IMG_7447_zps72e5880f.jpg

He also asks, "How are you doing my little?"

 photo IMG_7450_zps330c3a5f.jpg

"Will you like riding a bike when you're not so little?"

 photo IMG_7458_zps5db63c16.jpg

He also oooh's and aaah's over her saying, "Oh, she's so cute!" in a sweet little voice. And he'll comment on whatever cute thing she is wearing.
 photo IMG_7486_zps578fc37c.jpg

Benton caught a little cold so he has had to keep his distance and he hates it, he will just cry because he can't give her hugs and kisses. I sure hope he feels better soon.

Benton also loves to sing her songs. They are very sweet. I love that he loves her so much. 


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