Adalyn at One Month

We've had this sweet little in our family for a whole month now. Any mother of a new child will say the same thing, the time just flues by! I mean it always does but especially when you are trying to enjoy a new, sweet little baby that will grow up way too fast. And speaking of growing fast this little angel is a pro at it! At her one month check up she weighed 9 pounds 12 ounces. She has increased her weight by 50% in one month! The doctor asked if I was feeding her butter... teasingly. She is doing great and perfectly healthy so we are happy.

 photo IMG_7663_zps27eb767c.jpg

She is up to 21 inches now. So I basically have a newborn Benton again! I still can't believe he was about her size from day one! It has been fun having a little one for a couple of weeks.

 photo IMG_7698_zps613c1d2c.jpg

Adalyn is sleeping pretty good still. Every few nights she will wake up and be awake for an hour or so. Poor Dallin gets her when that happens. With both boys I am sure Dallin was off the hook and slept well every night. But I guess I was still able to take naps sometimes with them! (Thanks Dallin for help, I'm sure I wouldn't survive the days without it).

Here she is with her little bear. Benton and Emmett picked it out for her so we are going to start our monthly pictures with it. I think this smaller sized one will better show how much she grows!

 photo IMG_7718_zps9bf5f319.jpg

She does great in the car and sleeps in her car seat. So far we've been able to plan for outings well so she does fine out of the house. She is a great one month old baby and we are happy to see her grow and get to know her little personality as it develops. Love you baby Adalyn!


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