The Herbert's Come to Town

My brother and his family came to town this last weekend for a quick visit. We always love to see them when they come! They spent some time at our house on Sunday afternoon and met Adalyn for the first time. Heather tried to sneak her home with them, but it didn't work.

 photo IMG_8036_zps186cc8a8.jpg

The kids love having their cousins over.

 photo IMG_8030_zpsada86865.jpg

Check out Xandi's mad Etch-A-Sketch skills. He did a couple of different ones, they were all impressive.

 photo 2014-02-16175309_zps262f263e.jpg

Heather and Avery picked out a sweet little outfit with matching headbands for Adalyn. Isn't it the cutest ever?

 photo IMG_8061_zps094807ea.jpg

 photo IMG_8071_zps2c1ba8aa.jpg

Thanks for coming over! Come back anytime.


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