We had snow! Tons of snow. We had more snow that we've had in years. It was awesome! Benton  loved it, I mean loved it! Dallin came home early on Thursday and took him outside to play. They headed over to the park to sled down the little hill. They were outside for about 2 hours every day. Benton didn't mind the cold at all! Emmett lasted about 10 minutes each time.

 photo IMG_7752_zps0bb8c4ce.jpg

They ran into some of our friends at the park, Liam and Henry. I think you can see how much they were loving it.

 photo IMG_7767_zpse65bd054.jpg

Emmett was a little unsure about it all. I don't think he smiled once, but I'm sure he must have liked it at least a little bit.

 photo IMG_7770_zpsb86fe4a5.jpg

We all loved the snow for a couple of days. And now I'm glad it's gone. Feel free to snow again next year!


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