The Brothers

We haven't been doing much around here the last couple of weeks. I mean we have a new baby so everything is different, but we haven't been going anywhere. We have had many, many stay at home days and we are all grateful that we just had Christmas so there are so many new toys to play with. The boys have had fun playing at home but I think they are ready to get out. Emmett grabbed his shoes a few days ago and showed them to me while saying, "Go." Benton has asked many times to go play at a friends house. We tried very hard to not go anywhere so no one would get sick, but it didn't work. Benton got a cold and then Emmett got a double ear infection. They are feeling better now so we were able to all attend church as a family on Sunday. It was so nice to go again.

Benton has adjusted quite easily to having a baby sister around. There are times that he might struggle a little with understanding that 3 different children need my attention and they can't all have it all at the same time. But really I would say he is doing great. Here he is with his latest seat of choice for watching a show.

 photo IMG_7596_zps3662ad30.jpg

Emmett is having a little bit of a harder time. He has been doing pretty good but the past few days have been hard for him. He has learned how to get out of bed so he hasn't been sleeping as much which makes it worse. The poor little guy. I am hoping that with things getting back to somewhat normal that he will start doing better. This week we have something going on everyday. But when we are home one of his new favorite things is to run around in circles.

 photo IMG_7601_zpsa93a0e84.jpg


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