Mr. Potato Head Party

Last month when I started thinking about both of my boys having a birthday party coming up I tried to think of a theme that really fit them. Benton helped pick his theme but Emmett isn't quite old enough, he would still say yes to everything. I decided to go with a Mr. Potato Head theme and while I was looking at a few pictures online he came over to the computer and flipped! He squealed with happiness at every new picture. It was 5 minutes of pure joy, that's when I knew he would love it!

 photo IMG_7797_zps8483ba79.jpg

We started with all the kids making their own paper potato head. I think they all did a great job!

 photo IMG_7807_zps4fbd5451.jpg

Then we had a giant pin the pieces onto the giant potato head. We just let the kids place the parts anywhere they wanted to.

 photo IMG_7814_zpsb5aba0ae.jpg

Mid game Benton decided to stomp off a throw a fit about not getting to put the hat on. Emmett, all by himself, went over and gave him a nice hug. It was really sweet.

 photo IMG_7818_zps0a33e848.jpg

I think the kids did a great job! We kept this up for a while and every time Emmett walked by he shouted, "Toto head!"

 photo IMG_7831_zpsb855b178.jpg

Then the kids got to make their own potato head cupcake.

 photo IMG_7800_zps9d86c0a9.jpg

Benton was pretty proud of his.

 photo IMG_7838_zps48d0c816.jpg

Emmett was too.

 photo IMG_7845_zps47a33c2c.jpg

 photo IMG_7853_zps08f2c9bf.jpg

He had a great time and plays with his gifts all the time! He loves this wood puzzle. I love how much joy he gets out of things he likes. Whether it is by books, puzzles, or running with Benton and his Daddy this little boy knows how to be happy.

 photo IMG_7860_zpseec00991.jpg


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