The Run Off

Summers in Ephraim wouldn't be the same without the run off. As the snow melts on the mountain the water comes down through the city and down to the farms. But as it passes the houses the kids love to play in it! Seriously how fun right?!

 photo IMG_4122_zpsjxxgajus.jpg

I am positive that my kids could have spent hours outside playing in this water every day we were there. The only problem is their favorite thing to do is throw rocks in it! Grandma and Grandpa would be out of rocks! So we didn't let them do that, we did let them play with sticks in it though. They liked that a lot too. I think they all wanted to just sit in it and splash around.

 photo IMG_4130_zpsvvvjtcpe.jpg

 photo IMG_4140_zps20gfqoxi.jpg

I guess Adalyn was thirsty. Here she is trying to drink the water from her wet hands.

 photo IMG_4152_zpszs2ezrgh.jpg

 photo IMG_4162_zps8aas5gqn.jpg

Check out these three little cuties. I'm so glad that they are mine! They are pretty wonderful.

 photo IMG_4216_zpsmsytmytq.jpg


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