December 25th

Waking up on Christmas morning is always so exciting. The baby woke up first, surprise surprise. After I fed him he went back to sleep but I couldn't. I got ready for the day and as soon as I did the kids started waking up. I always love to see the kids reaction to the candy outside their door. especially when they are young and don't remember it from last year. Adalyn kept saying, "Candy!"

 photo IMG_6335_zpsspmpoyn4.jpg

Everyone was happy to see their pile of gifts.

 photo IMG_6344_zps7g6cxthd.jpg

 photo IMG_6349_zpsv7oz5svy.jpg

 photo IMG_6346_zpscvzvemmb.jpg

Benton sounded out this word, once he figured it out and said it they were both ecstatic!

 photo IMG_6353_zpscscvs4gd.jpg


 photo IMG_6356_zpsajfamrhl.jpg

 photo IMG_6389_zpsxir8zexu.jpg

 photo IMG_6360_zps0reyc7xz.jpg

 photo IMG_6414_zpsalcdqlhp.jpg

We enjoyed a nice slow morning of opening gifts and playing with them. Dallin was in charge of the gifts this year, and he did a great job.

 photo IMG_6446_zpsticykyhz.jpg

We spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying each others company and talking with family. It was lovely.


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