This and That

Check out the feet! He has the longest baby feet I've ever seen. They always find their way out of the swaddle. He was 2 1/2 weeks old here.

 photo 2015-12-07 14.20.03_zpsm3dydszf.jpg

Adalyn loves to hold Hudson. She always asks to hold him and then she kisses his little head when she does.

 photo 2015-12-23 15.32.10_zpspbi4jqze.jpg

My first time taking all four kids to the grocery store wasn't that bad. I only had to pick up a few things which made it a fast trip. It's just funny to look at. I get all kind of great looks and comments about where am I going to put the food, or that my hands are full.

 photo 2015-12-14 14.48.07_zpsjufqziem.jpg


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