One Month

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A month has passed already, and we've sure loved every minute of it. Hudson is a very calm baby, which I am very grateful for. He just started smiling a little bit, and he seems to think that he need to open his mouth all the way in order to smile. It is very cute.

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He sleeps about 2 hours at a time, with an occasional 3 hour stretch. Most of the time he goes to sleep quickly, but lately he has been having some trouble with having extra burps, sometimes it will take 40 minutes to get them all out. And in the middle of the night that's not so fun. Now I just need to figure out what foods I need to stop eating so he doesn't have a hard time. So far I've eliminated onions, peppers, and soda. I'm sure I will find some more soon. 

Hudson is the perfect 4th baby. His siblings have never woken him up! Even with all the running, jumping, shouting, playing, and noise they make. He just sleeps right through it. I usually keep his door open so he just keeps staying used to sleeping with noise.

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I love this picture. Babies make the funniest faces as they try to learn how to move their little muscles. You don't always see the goofy faces, or see how often they go cross eyed until you start snapping pictures.

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Hudson weighs over 10 pounds now. He has outgrown all newborn sized clothes and fits comfortably in 0-3 months.

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Hudson rarely cries. He might give you a few warning cries but as long as you get him within a few minutes he never starts crying and he always calms down when you pick him up. The main thing he cries about is when he wants to go to sleep. Even then it's more of a frustrated grunt cry that only lasts a minute. 

Hudson takes a pacifier, but he doesn't ever need it. He takes it best for Dallin. He is easily calmed down with it and as soon as he is, or he falls asleep he is done with it. Most days he doesn't even use it.

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