5 months

Benton is 5 months old already. I can't believe how time flies. He is getting so big, and doing so many new things. It is really fun to see him grow and progress.


He is getting better with his hands. If you hold something out in front of him {whether you intend for him to have it or not} he will grab it and put it directly into his mouth.

He can almost sit up now. He can manage for a few seconds but I think he will get in within the next few weeks.


He has discovered cell phones and REALLY likes them. They taste the best I guess

We even tried giving him water out of a glass :) He always tried to grab what we were drinking so we thought we would show him what it was all about. Most of it just came back out onto his shirt, but he liked it and still grabs for our glasses. With practice he will get it.


Lately he likes tummy time more and is starting to roll over more. He even rolled over for Grandma when she was here!

When you lay Benton down on his back he immediately rolls to his side {definitely a side sleeper} and can almost roll over that direction too


Every day I think he looks older, {which obviously he is} but sometimes I think he looks like a toddler!


His new favorite toys are a wooden spoon, my necklace, his blanket, and my hair.

Bent laughs all the time. He is very ticklish. He likes playing peek-a-boo and being told "good job". He laughs every time. His laugh is progressing into a cute little chuckle. I love it. He is especially giggly right before going to sleep.


Sometimes we are able to keep his hair down now, but usually just the front half. So most of the time we just spike it still.

Benton still loves being outside and usually prefers that to anything.

He loves to eat your face. He grabs both sides of your face, opens his mouth really wide and slobbers all over you. I prefer to look at these as his kisses.


Well Benton, you are pretty cute and we sure love you. Thanks for making our life so fun. We can't wait to see what you learn next.


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