This past Saturday was the day to get married I guess because we had a few friends get married. We were able to make it to 2 of the receptions. It was really great to see them on their special day and to see so many of our friends there too. We don't really get out much to see our friends so weddings are especially fun for that reason.

We first went to Keri and David's wedding. They have been waiting 10 months to get some papers back saying they could get married so when they came they set the date for 2 weeks later and got everything ready really fast. If you have been waiting that long, why wait any longer? It was really great to see them so happy.


Shortly after we got there guess what Benton did?


Yep, he pooped. I went to change him without knowing he pooped and got it on the seat of the car so I transferred him to the back of the car to finish. Man, he got it everywhere! Luckily Dallin noticed that I had been gone a while and came to help.


Much better

Look at my handsome boys, I sure love them!


Next we went to our friends Stefan and Birgitte's wedding. It was beautiful! I didn't take any pictures though. We really had a fun afternoon going to receptions and seeing friends.

Remember that bridal shower I had last month for Moana? Well she is getting married this weekend... in Hawaii! {Sadly we won't be attending that one} Congratulations to Moana and Juval!


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