Quilt Shop Hunting

On Wednesday Dallin and Stacey went Kayaking on the Willamette River, sorry no pictures {I had the camera}. They said it was really fun, maybe Dallin and I will have to try it sometime.

During that time Linda and I decided to go to some quilt shops around Portland. I have only made a simple photo quilt, but am looking forward to trying out some patterns I have seen lately. On the other hand Linda has made many {many} quilts, and is amazing at it! I should post a picture of the quilt she made for us when we got married, it is beautiful.

We first went to a shop just down the street. I have driven by it many times but never stopped in. They had some great fabrics! I will surely go back again.

Since Dallin and Stacey were downtown we decided to head to some shops that were near Portland. We typed in the first address and found that it was just three miles north of Portland. Great. We head that direction.

Turn here, turn there and we arrive


hummmmm..... look at the address, look at the house. They match. Well quilt shop number 1 not really a quilt shop. Okay lets find the next one.

There is a lot of construction going on downtown and our GPS doesn't know that apparently. While we were caught in the middle of it I turned down a street to avoid the construction and noticed it was...


yep, Wheeler ave

We drove down a block and turned onto


WHAT?! Benton ave! It was an exciting little detour on our quilt shop day.

Finally we made it to the next quilt shop


hummmmm... well that one is gone too. So we just decided to head to downtown and walk along the water front. We later met up the kayakers and ate an amazing lunch at


Quilt shop hunting works up quite the appetite. We decided that before we start another adventure like this, we would call the shop ahead to make sure they are open still...

Thanks for coming Linda and Stacey. We loved having you!


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