10 Months

Benton. Sweet Benton. You are 10 months old. You are so big, and grow more everyday. 

Your new favorite thing to do is crawl over everything. If you see a pillow, it must be crawled over. Your toys, crawled over. The bars on the bottoms of chairs... yep that is how he got stuck. 

You loved to be chased around on the floor. If we are coming after you, you crawl as fast as you can but after a few steps you stop and look back to see if we are still there. 

You have learned how to play peek a boo. If there is a blanket on the floor you get it and put it above your head and then pull it down. You get so excited and keep playing when we say "Where's Benton?"

You are sleeping pretty good at night, I am so happy

You got your 5th haircut

You love helping me stir food as I am cooking it, you also love feeding yourself. You grab the spoon and put it int he bowl then into your mouth. I don't think any food makes it but at least you have the idea.

Everyday you are more fun to be with. I love you Benton.


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