Such a big boy

Benton is getting so big! I know, I say that a lot. But it is true. Here are some shots of him lately, no rhyme or reason to them. Just some pictures from the last few days. Here he is combing his own hair.

 Playing with new toys

He loves this one

Ever since he has started crawling it is SO hard to get pictures of him. He has always moved a lot which made it hard to get pictures that weren't blurry, but this is worse! He either wants the camera the second I pull it out and stops whatever he his doing to crawl toward me, or he simply crawls away, like here

These are what most of my shots look like these days

This one is really great

See what I mean? 

And lastly here he is brushing his teeth. Whenever he sees us brushing our teeth he wants his brushed too, which makes me happy.

He loves it!

I am still waiting for one more person to comment on the last post, so if you want in hurry!


  1. The two where he is playing with his toys he looks so much older than an 11 month old. What a cutie!

  2. I know right! But he is only 9 months still.

  3. just wait til he starts walking and running! pictures get even harder!!!

    you have a cute little guy on your hands!


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