New Year New Cook Book

Do you ever get sick of making the same things for dinner? I definitely do! It makes me not want to cook, or even think about what might be for dinner. I just secretly hope that dinner will appear, or I will come up with something awesome last minute. But that rarely happens. Luckily I received an awesome cookbook for Christmas and have decided that I should get a new one every new year. It has been so much fun trying lots of new recipes. I have never used my crock pot this much! Seriously I am using this cookbook several times a week. And I have my whole month planned with meals from this book.

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I would highly suggest this cookbook if you are in need of a new one. I am kind of picky about my cookbooks. Are you? It has to have a picture for most (if not all) recipes (I HAVE to know what it looks like for me to want to make it). And the recipes need to be realistic, I am not going to be making rack of lamb or swordfish. So far this is one is just great. It is exactly what I need to start this new year off right inspired to cook good meals for my family.


  1. I totally need a crock pot cook book. I love how nice it is to take care of the meal in the morning and then just walk away from it but smell it all day. :)


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