Thank Yous

What is this a picture of? While clearing out our extra room I found this large stack of written, sealed and addressed Thank You cards. They are thank you cards from our wedding... almost 2 years ago!
I didn't want to send them out until I had written them all, and apparently after I finished I just didn't send them. Every time I find them I feel horrible about not having sent them, because we were so grateful to everyone, so I kept them and hoped that I would still send them out. But now it has been too long, who wants a card that is almost 2 years old?!

So to everyone who was so kind to think of us on our wedding day, THANK YOU. Please know that your kindness was much appreciated and I did write you a card... but never sent it. sorry.


  1. I got so delayed in sending mine too that when Christmas came, I just doubled up and said Merry Christmas and Thank You at the same time.

  2. I found the same thing when I moved this year... I honestly hope that people weren't offended that they never got a thank you card. I wrote one, it just never got there.


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