New Year New Goals

Well it is 2011 and time to make some resolutions. Dallin and I talked about a couple last night as we waited for midnight to come (which shortly after we were asleep, such big partiers we are). Rather than drag this on talking about them all in detail or why we want to do them here are some of the goals we have for 2011

Take a family picture every month (not fancy by any means, just a picture with all 3 of us in it anytime anywhere)

Read Benton a book a day (sounds bad that I don't so this already huh, well it is not that easy to read him a book, I can't get through a page without him trying to eat it. Slobbered on pages are hard to read) (and so much for me not talking about each goal right?)

Invite friends over more. We love having company but find that we are usually the invited ones. We need to do some inviting too. 

Dallin and Benton leave the house once a month for 2-3 hours so they can spend time together and so I can clean the whole house (without worrying about finishing before Benton wakes up or if I'm being too loud or...). We did this once a week ago and it was awesome! 

And buy lamps. Yep, seriously. That is on our list. I just know that I can keep putting it off for a long time but in reality we need new lamps for our house (and about 20 minutes ago I broke the one we had...haha... good thing it was on our list anyway).

Well there you go, some things we want to accomplish with this new year. It is going to be a great one.


  1. I have the fondest memories of my dad reading stories to me when I was a kid. There are even a few books that my entire family can recite by heart because my dad used to read them to us and we make him do it so often. I think that is an awesome goal!

  2. You are so cute Christy! I love this post. I like how you write. You're adorable.

  3. You are so cute Christy! I love this post. I like how you write. You are adorable.


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