Name Confusion

I think we all know that when you have a new baby enter your home a little name confusion is bound to happen. For the most part we get Benton's name right, it is Emmett that gets it the most. But what I wasn't expecting was a third name coming into play. We blame Grandma really. While she was here she was holding Benton and Emmett and called them Bennett. We all laughed at the idea of combining their names; we even joked about it for a day or two. I think that was where the problem began, because it stuck. Now we have three names to pick from when calling one of our two sons.


  1. hahaha, that is too funny. i actually have thought of that name when reading your blog because it is a similar sounding name to both of their names :)


  2. well, i am obviously a fan of the name! maybe for your third? ;)


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