2 Months

Hudson is two months old!

 photo IMG_6880_zpsn6le4yta.jpg

Hudson is a great little sleeper. He still wakes up a few times each night, but that is to be expected. He takes great naps everyday, often one of them is right when I need to make dinner so that is really convenient. 

He still gets an upset tummy more often than we would like. He burps up on us daily, often multiple times a day. I have added a few things to the list of foods to not eat and he does better. In addition to the peppers, onions, and soda, I now no longer eat garlic, broccoli, greens, most vegetables really, oranges, orange juice, lemons, lemonade, fruit juice, and anything spicy. So pretty much I can eat cereal. And chicken. Also I pretty sure I shouldn't eat chocolate but I haven't given that up yet. He is much happier when his tummy isn't upset.

 photo IMG_6866_zpsxxhhn4gr.jpg

He loves his brothers and sister, and they love him too! They all love to come really close to his face and try to make him smile. It is cute to watch them interact with each other.

 photo IMG_6890_zpshjd1e5qo.jpg

He is the most content baby I've had. He will just lay on the floor happy as can be if I need to do something. He sleeps well at home or when we are out and about. He is just so happy. And we love it.


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