We have been contemplating going to Mt. Hood to play in the snow for a couple of weeks now. But before we finally made the trek up there it snowed here! Perfect! Now the baby gets to stay nice and warm inside while the kids go play.

 photo IMG_6665_zpsqwabm7y8.jpg

We didn't even get enough to cover the ground, but it was enough to keep these kids happy for an hour. They threw snow balls at the fence, built snow piles, and of course ate the snow.

 photo IMG_6663_zpsue5eiwtb.jpg

 photo IMG_6666_zpswkbyont6.jpg

 photo IMG_6667_zpsx1h2wqxd.jpg

 photo IMG_6678_zpsqwiuvm59.jpg

I love that we get snow almost every year, I love that they kids get to play in in, and I love that it usually only lasts a couple days at most. Yay for snow!


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