Cold Stone Creations

We've really enjoyed the time that Dallin has had off of work. The holidays are a cozy time when we get to stay at home and spend time together. He will be heading back to work on Monday so we wanted to do one last thing together before he went back. We got a Cold Stone gift card for Christmas and since the kids have never been there before we thought they would have fun.

They all picked the same thing! Cotton Candy ice cream with sprinkles on top. Dallin and I always get their cake batter ice cream, but I had a bite of the kids and I have to admit that it was delicious. They chose wisely.

 photo 2016-01-02 18.14.04_zpsfafbu17f.jpg

 photo 2016-01-02 18.14.09_zps4hymwlaw.jpg

 photo 2016-01-02 18.14.24_zps7fyn76ue.jpg

 photo 2016-01-02 18.15.00_zpsjsqtzcok.jpg


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