Good Morning Birthday Girl

We start off the new year right, with a birthday just a few days in. Adalyn turned two today and she was excited to get to open presents!

 photo IMG_6697_zpsxao95lpo.jpg

She was really excited about the princess water bottle. She also got the movie Tangled and a hair brush.

 photo IMG_6699_zps2oaldfen.jpg

In the afternoon Adalyn helped make her birthday cupcakes.

 photo IMG_6713_zpsdybayrte.jpg

She loves to help bakes, and sneak tasty licks when she can.

 photo IMG_6710_zpsrrzoxkya.jpg

 photo IMG_6708_zpswfdpmfk1.jpg

In the evening when everyone was together we sang Happy Birthday to her, and she loved it!

 photo IMG_6732_zpslwvkqfcu.jpg

 photo IMG_6740_zpscoueugjq.jpg

I think she had a great Birthday!

 photo IMG_6748_zpszerdzwew.jpg


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