7 Months

Benton, you are now 7 months old. You're such a big boy!
Be prepared for lots of pictures {with lots of cute rolls :)}

Everyday is wonderful with you. We get to play, laugh, and sing songs together.

You like playing Peek a boo and smile every time

When you're eating you say mmmmm after every bite

You like waking Dad up every morning by climbing all over him

When I get you out of bed you always pat my back a few times

You LOVE apple juice. It must be your favorite. If you are having a bad day, I give you a sip or two and you smile.

You are so much fun and will laugh at anything. All we have to do is try. You laugh by being tickeled

You laugh when Dad puts you upside down

You laugh when we make funny faces at you

You laugh when I sing to you

You even laugh at this
The first time was hysterical! He laughed so hard

You will eat anything... up until I gave you peas. No peas for Benton

You like the boxes more than you like the toys that come in them

If we are in the kitchen and you are in the family room, you will scoot your way into the kitchen

unfortunately you likes cables... you have found our box of electronics and scoot to it often. Time to baby proof...

You love drinking from a sippy cup, if you see it from the corner of your eye you aren't happy until you get a sip.

The other day when we first discovered just how much you like your sippy cup you drank so much that an hour later you peed all over me... thanks huggies.

{sorry about the grainy looking photos... I wanted to take pictures without the flash and this is how they turned out... a nicer camera is on the list of things to get}

You don't like it when I play the piano, unless I am holding you and you get to play too

When I do hold you while playing the piano you like to bang the keys and "sing" loud

You LOVE my cell phone. You smile uncontrollably when you first see my talking on it and about 10 seconds later you get upset that I haven't given it to you yet

But when I do give it to you, you drool on the microphone so no one can here me the rest of the day or you call Dad, at least Dad didn't mind

You really like dogs and when you are around one, you do everything you can to get to it

Your hair won't stay up anymore... no matter what we try. Sad day

You like getting your teeth brushed

I don't know why but you like to eat our shoes... more baby proofing and more teeth brushing I guess

Benton you are getting so big, We love seeing you grow and learn so much. Thanks for being so great.

Doesn't this last one totally looked posed?! hahaha


  1. he sure is a handsome boy christy! and 7 months-crazy! when's baby #2? ;)


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